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MJ’s Notes ⚖️

MJ’s Notes ⚖️

Remember Steven Tyler‘s child sexual assault lawsuit that was dismissed?

Well, there’s been a new development:


Basically, the article above states “Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald F. Frank ruled Tuesday that accuser Julia Misley (formerly Julia Holcomb) was beyond the two-year statute of limitations when she included in her lawsuit a pair of emotional distress claims linked to the 1997 Aerosmith book Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith and Tyler’s 2011 book Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir.”


“The judge struck the book-related claims from Misley’s underlying lawsuit but said the 66-year-old plaintiff could still pursue distress damages stemming from her remaining causes of action for child sexual assault and child sexual battery.”

Tyler’s attorneys said they agreed with the judge and that he followed the law.

No other court date regarding the damages have yet been set.

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