MJ’s Notes 🎶

MJ’s Notes 🎶

MJ’s Notes 🎶


A staple at every Derby Party (well, any party around Kentuckiana) is Pimento Cheese.
Pimento Cheese ISN’T bought in a little jar, although that stuff IS fine, but it’s just not the same.

Just like every family chef has “their” recipe – potato salad, brisket, cake – everyone has their own special Pimento Cheese recipe.

THIS is mine:


IIIII KNOWWW. It’s not a family recipe, but my family didn’t have one, and ya gotta start somewhere!

I make a double batch, cuz just like that hot sauce, I put this **** on EVERYTHING! Crackers, sandwiches, burgers, stuff a pepper with it and bake it in the oven and make yourself happy.

I hope you like it!

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